Blessingways are the original version of a 'baby shower' and are usually held in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Typically held with a group of women-folk who are important to the mother or mother-to-be, the focus is less on commercial aspects of having a baby (clothes, prams, diaper genies, wipe warmers) and more on celebrating the strength and power of the women, her connection with her baby and her circle of friends. 
We generally organise activities for the group to do - this might include;
  • Wooden beads on which everyone writes something they give to the mother-to-be in labour (strength, courage, hope, peace etc) The group makes a set of worry beads which the mother-to-be distracts herself with while in labour, drawing upon her circle of women who aren't there at the time to provide direct support and encouragements.
  • Birth art depicting hopes and fears about the upcoming birth and parenthood which can then be talked about and advice handed down
  • Group guided meditation which connects everyone in the room to the baby
We can also cater the event if you would like, everything from a few sandwiches to a sit down meal. A pot luck meal where all the guests bring something is also popular and doesn't cost you anything!
We can offer massage and reflexology too, giving each of the circle some time to relax and reflect. 
Contact us for more info or to book a date!

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