Introduction to Midwifery Certificate

The Introduction to Midwifery Certificate course is filled with instruction that will put you on the path to beginning a career as a successful midwife.

Midwifery is one of the oldest professions in the world. The basic role of a midwife is to care for and support pregnant women and their babies before, during, and after giving birth. The Midwifery course offers students a comprehensive overview into the work of a midwife. This course will cover:

Module 1 – Midwifery Basics

Ø  The origin, definition and history of Midwifery

Ø  Roles and responsibilities of a Midwife

Ø  Educational Requirements

Ø  Application, Personal Statement & Work Experience

Ø  Qualifying as a midwife in the UK


Module 2 – A wider perspective of Midwifery

Ø  Midwifery around the world

Ø  Cultural awareness

Ø  Women’s rights and birth choices


Module 3 – Anatomy & Physiology

Ø  The female anatomy

Ø  The pregnant woman



Module 4 – Antenatal Care

Ø  Antenatal Care

Ø  Screening

Ø  Antenatal Education


Module 5 – Labour & Birth

Ø  Supporting women through labour & birth

Ø  Medications

Ø  Physiological labour & birth

Ø  Emergencies, Caesarean Section and medical care


Module 6 – Postnatal Care

Ø  The aims of postnatal care

Ø  Breastfeeding

Ø  NIPE checks and baby examination

Ø  Mental Health in pregnancy


PLEASE NOTE: Completion of this course does not result in a degree of midwifery or qualify participants to practise professionally. This course is not linked to the NMC.


£149.00 payable at enrollment

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