Massage & Reflexology

Pregnancy Aromatherapy Massage

Mobile treatment for deep relaxation and tired, aching muscles. Full body massage (1 hour) using the BellyBag. Suitable from 12 weeks. £40.


Deep Tissue Massage​

Combining the techniques of Swedish and deep tissue massage with Active Release Technique, suitable for musculoskeletal problems including SPD/PGP, sciatica, neck & shoulder injury. 45-60 minutes. Mobile treatment. Suitable from 12 weeks using the BellyBag £40.

Postnatal Massage​

Suitable from 3 weeks postnatal, this deep tissue, active release massage is suitable for any lingering problems with PGP. Very effective. 60 minutes £40



For nausea and vomiting, tiredness and fatigue, general relaxation and Induction of Labour. Suitable from 12 weeks. £40

Baby Massage/Baby Reflex​ - 121 at home

30 minute appointments supporting your baby with fussiness, colic, wind, digestive problems and coughs & colds. £20

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