Baby with Toys

Postnatal & Parenting

Once you've had your baby, we offer wide ranging support to get you and your family off to a flying start. There is no limit on how 'postnatal' you are - some of our clients had their babies over 20 years ago! We recognise each stage of parenting is hard and comes with it's own challenges, but with a good support network and people you trust close to hand, it's always easier. 


Postnatal Midwifery 

Independent Midwifery

Postnatal Doula

Breastfeeding Support


Postnatal Holistics

Massage, Reflexology, Cupping & Reiki

Closing the Bones

Mental Health

Peaceful Mothering© 

Birth After thoughts

Birth Trauma Counselling

Gardening on Prescription

Parenting Groups & Workshops

(available via the Facebook events page)

Baby Sleep Clinic


Family Aromatherapy

Baby & Child First Aid 

Baby Massage (6 week group course, birth to crawling)

Baby Reiki (4 week group course, birth to crawling)

Outdoor Adventures (weekly outdoors all-weather play, birth to 5)

Postnatal Gardening Group