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Transitioning to motherhood takes some doing, and even when you think you've got a grip on things it can be difficult to feel we fit in or have a role beyond that of 'mother'. Loss of identity, of self worth and self confidence, sexual desire and place in the world can be a destructive cycle and mentally stays with women long after their children have grown and flown the nest. 

Workshops and services in this section are solely women focused, and can be accessed at any point from the birth of your baby. We want to encourage women of all ages to join us and take the first steps towards addressing deep seated issues and find true peace and happiness within themselves. 

Are you lost? Do you have a feeling that you're looking for something but don't ever seem to be able to find what it is? Are you tired? Not just from a lack of sleep, but tired of feeling you haven't found your place yet, haven't found your calling or true energy?

1 Day Workshops

The Goddess Within - A Kundalini Awakening

Postnatal Self Esteem & Body Image


Tantric Women's Program

Couples Tantric Healing

Kundalini Awakening

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